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Building a model is a creative process, primarily led by professionals who define the task for the model. On the surface, it seems simple: feed information to the model, assign it a prediction task, and wait for the results. However, it’s not that straightforward. The true mastery over the model belongs to professionals who can recognize the life behind the data and information that’s fed into the model. They can interpret data, and most importantly, identify the real-world patterns these data form. Every piece of data has its meaning.

In today’s evolving world, it can be boldly stated that, just like many other roles, the domain of AI is causing risk assessors to undergo a transformation. From this point onward, they are not merely risk assessors but predominantly – Decision Intelligence experts. When implementing an AI model in the artificial intelligence process, professionals in this fascinating role interact with the model throughout its lifecycle: from its establishment to its management, and of course, making decisions based on the information the model produces.

Building an AI model for risk assessment requires deep professional familiarity with the problem’s world. While some may argue that artificial intelligence processes might render certain roles redundant, this isn’t the case here. Contrary to this belief, for those utilizing risk-assessment models, the need for such professionals is paramount for the model’s successful execution. The value of these professionals is critical to the success of the model’s performance.

This is precisely what Seenity stands for: We empower actuaries and those responsible for risk reduction to evolve into Decision Intelligence professionals. This is the next evolution and the new profession introduced by AI. Constructing a model encompasses numerous stages, but a crucial step is to identify relevant data backed by informed reasoning. Once the model-building process is initiated, it’s possible to assess impacts during the preparatory phase (correlation), and later, during prediction execution, to determine which data elements exert the most influence.

Seenity is a company that has set its sights on encompassing all aspects of decision-making in the context of AI models. The prowess of our platform lies in its ability to seamlessly merge data sciences (machine learning, artificial intelligence, analytics) with behavioral sciences. In simpler terms, we provide risk professionals with the tools they need to construct a model that will fulfill its designated task. On one hand, our platform manages the entire process, ensuring coherence and efficiency. On the other, we provide the right data in relation to risk, which has been scrutinized against millions of vetting processes. This dual approach not only enhances the accuracy of risk assessment but also ensures a holistic understanding for professionals in the field.

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