Data Visibility For Risk Assessment

Mission & Vision

Real World Data Visibility Powered by AI

Organizations today are increasingly dependent on data for informed risk assessment and decision-making, yet many struggle with harnessing the full potential of the available information. Seenity addresses this challenge by elevating your data visibility through a streamlined, AI-powered platform.

Our one-click advanced risk assessment process not only adapts to real-world complexities but is also tailored to fit your organizational needs. By integrating with cutting-edge artificial intelligence engines, we empower you with full control over the risk assessment process. This results in boosted performance and profitability while maintaining significantly low levels of risk. Experience unparalleled data visibility and actionable insights, all within a secure, fully-automated platform designed with your business goals in mind.

Seenity Platform

The Four Pillars
of The Seenity Platform

Collection & Enrichment

Collection & Enrichment

We tap into real world data in real-time, analyzing and enriching it to uncover comprehensive information. This process is designed to be fully controllable by our clients in every step of the way.


Extracting Insights For Data Features

Seenity is able to process data insights into meaningful data-features. These features are specifically tailored to each client through a set of well-defined rules and provide clear categories that best serve our clients’ needs.

AI Modeling

AI Modeling & Simulation

Our platform provides smart and tailored simulations designed to assess the impact of a model on our clients’ performance. These simulations are powered by real-time environmental data and Seenity’s advanced AI engine.


Real-time Predictions

Real-time predictions provide maximum effect for streamlined decision-making. Our predictions are guaranteed to be highly impactful as they derive directly from real world data, in real time, using advanced AI prediction capabilities.


Automation You Control

Seenity’s Platform’s is fully digitized but our users can control every step of the way, set rules and make sure the automation serves his or her most pressing business goals and bottom line


Our cutting-edge technology empowers your business to streamline real world data, giving you complete control over the data you need, when you need it. 

Control what data you need in order to meet your business goals

Live simulations to validate data sets and outcomes

Streamline internal and external data

Meet compliance and security requirements

Personalize data analysis to meet your customer's needs


Frequently Asked Questions

What is real world data?

Real world data refers to data that is constantly evolving and based in reality.
Managing real world data can be a challenge for organizations, as it is constantly changing and requires advanced techniques and technologies to extract value from it.

The platform provides advanced models based on seamless connectivity to real world, continuously changing data , in real-time, transforming this data into features, and integrating them into an AI-powered risk engine as part of a fully digitized flow.

Seenity’s AI-driven data platform boosts performance and profitability by empowering organizations to gain full control over constantly changing environmental data, in real-time.

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