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The insurance industry is faced with a constant need to streamline processes and improve customer experience. Seenity offers a unique solution to these challenges by significantly improving the underwriting process for various use cases and optimizing the claims process quickly and efficiently.

Advantages – Insurance

Digitize to
Enhance Growth

With Seenity’s unique technology, we turn your most valuable asset – data – into a best-in-class, personalized resource. Data has always been at the core of the insurance industry and we enable you to make the best use of it by combining massive amounts of well-orchestrated internal data with safe external data, from a multitude of sources. Our fully digitized workflow allows you to automate the underwriting process, avoid fraud and provide estimates with greater accuracy to customers.

Conquer Risks

We give you the confidence to act more accurately, mitigating risks and allow you to generate more revenue with the highest level of certainty possible.

Revenue Growth

Our accurate risk-assessment and decision making optimization capabilities help you reduce costs and save time and money on manual errors.

Insurance + Tech

We turn established insurers into insurtech leaders, by helping them provide the highest service standards as well as providing them with the tool to make the best, fastest and most personalized decisions.

Customer Satisfaction

Personalized insurance is leading the way in the global insurance market. With Seenity your clients will enjoy rates that are tailored to their exact behavioral patterns and needs.

Flexible and Scalable

We developed a platform that is creative and dynamic because we keep underwriters needs in mind at all times. You can upscale or downscale, customize the platform to your exact business needs and choose the exact data you want to use.


Our process for enriched data input enables you to have full control over the data you wish to use, at all times, taking into consideration the highest compliance and safety needs.

Fast, Real Time Process

Leveraging our unique AI and machine learning capacities we provide you with the most accurate and rich data at your fingertips for fast online decisions.


People who benefit the most


Will enjoy a powerful, unique and easy-to-use tool for risk assessment, evaluation and pricing


Will gain better clarity and excellent decision making capacities throughout a policy lifecycle


Will be able to implement a tool that streamlines all processes easily and efficiently


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Phoenix Israel CIO & CTO

Ron Shvili

Phoenix Israel CIO & CTO

Seenity’s platform is revolutionizing risk assessment for insurance companies, impacting loss ratios and profits. It helps us underwrite more accurately, reduce friction costs and keep our lead in a competitive market.

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